West Melbourne

West Melbourne

Located at 3 km northwest of Melbourne's Central Business District, West Melbourne offers its residents convenient inner city lifestyle. A significant portion of West Melbourne is occupied as industrial uses which forms West Melbourne's identity of industrial area in the past. However, it has been thriving to be one of the most affordable and liveable inner suburbs in Melbourne. The area is served by North Melbourne Railway Station which is defined as primary station and only one stop away from the City Loop. Meanwhile, the Flagstaff Gardens forms the area's "green lung" and offers ultimate tranquility to the community without sacrificing the city life hustle and bustle.



Moving around has been so easy by public transport. North Melbourne Railway Station, one stop away from the City Loop, is the core of public transport for the residential area with multiple metro services merging before joining Flagstaff Station in City Loop. The 401 bus route is a big bonus as it operates between North Melbourne Station and the University of Melbourne with high service frequency and via only two stops. This significantly shortens the travelling time for its residents with destinations to Royal Hospital, University of Melbourne and the surrounding areas.




As the heart of the city, Melbourne CBD has its prestige advantage in education and child care resources. With RMIT city campus and Victoria University locating within or just around the CBD boundary, their students of diverse cultural backgrounds contribute to the city's dynamics and energetic day-to-day life. The University of Melbourne is just within 10 minutes' walk to the north, which is definitely a massive bonus to the school zone advantage.



One of the most loved things about the city is its picturesque parks, gardens and green spaces with a collection of versatile scenes all the year round. Treasury Gardens, City Square, Docklands Park and Flagstaff Gardens, they all have a colourful story to tell and share. There is nothing greater to sooth a mind of hectic pace than water serenity. Docklands esplanade, Birrarung Marr by the Yarra River and Southbank esplanade are where you can take a break and enjoy the moment of peaceful city tranquility by the water.

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