Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne is located in 5km south-west from CBD. This suburb is split between the local government areas of Melbourne and Port Phillip. The area to north of the West Gate Freeway is in the City of Melbourne, and to the south is in the City of Port Phillip. The special thing about this area is bordered by the shores of Hobsons Bay and the lower course of the Yarra River. Port Melbourne covers a large area including the distinct localities of Fishermans Bend, Garden City and Beacon Cove.



• Hobsons Bay Hobsons Bay is a bay in Port Phillip flowed from Yarra River. it is adjacent to the Melbourne suburbs of Port Melbourne and Williamstown. The beach adjoining the bay is Sandridge Beach located in Port Melbourne.


• Westgate Park Westgate Park provides a number of attractions and activities within close proximity to the city, which is located in the eastern banks of the Yarra River under the Westgate Bridge. The park provides spectacular views of Yarra River and the city skyline.



Port Melbourne is still a place of transport hub for passengers and cargo vessels. Many luxury liners, naval vessels and ferries arrive at Station Pier, as well as the daily ferry service. Cargo traffic takes place further west.



Port Melbourne features three distinctive localities-Garden City, Beacon Cove and Fishermans Bend. Garden City is a residential area located in Port Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip, which early developed by the State Bank with alter additions of public housing by the Housing Commission of Victoria. Beacon Cove contains 1100 house in a mixture of low-rise medium density and high-rise housing, with a small supermarket, commercial space, a range of cafes and restaurants and leisure facilities. Fishermans Bend is located immediately to the east of the West Gate Bridge, on the south bank of Yarra River. Finshermans Bend has a significant place in Australian aviation history. It is also earmarked for urban renewal with plans to develop the area into five neighbourhoods for housing as well as a new business precinct.

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