Footscray, named after Foots Cray, is located in the west 5 km to the Melbourne CBD. It is characterized by the diversity of cultures and its central shopping area. It is one of the distinctively multicultural areas that have witnessed and are influenced by the successive waves of immigration. Footscray is a vibrant centre, the home to friendly locals, a place of exciting events and festivals, where one relaxes and embraces the nature. It is also a paradise for food lovers with countless good restaurants and diverse cuisines. You may also find a number of institutes in this area including Victoria University.



• Childcare

In Footscray, there are a range of childcare places including Angliss Children’s centre, Brenbeal Children’s centre, Hyde Street Kindergarten and etc.


• Primary Schools

The major primary schools in the area are Footscray City Primary School, Footscray North Primary School and Footscary Primary .


 • Institutes

Austwide Institute of Training, Leonie Khoury School of Music, Footscray City Films are located in Footscray. Footscray City College(FCC) is a year 7-12 co-educational college, adjacent to Victoria University. There are approximately 850 students at the moment. For many years, sciences and arts are the curriculum strengths of the college. There is a great instrumental music program in the college. Victoria University is well-known for preparing their students not just for a career. Its strengths are industrial connections and leadership programs in sport education with equal opportunities for all students. In the year of 2016, this time-honoring university will celebrate a centenary of opportunity. This milestone marks 100 years of its high quality and accessible education in the west of Melbourne.



Footscray has won itself a reputation of diversity in arts with its bustling arts and the emerging innovative artists in the community. Pay a visit to Waterside Metal Art Studio, Women’s Circus, 100 Story Building, Snuff Puppets or Footscray Community Arts Centre(FCAC), you will discover more.




There is no denial that Footscray is a place of bursting flavours. It is such a great place to shop for fresh food with multiple large thriving indoor markets such as Footscray Market and Little Saigon Market. You will find a wide selection of fresh produce, seafood and general goods here, and also an exotic range of produce such as lotus blossom, pigs’ ears and cassava root. Walking along Hopkins Street, you will find the hustle and bustle of Asian grocers, boutique local cafes, Vietnamese restaurants, as well as African Restaurants and bakeries. Come by Footscray and take a bite of real Asian taste.



The Footscray lifestyle is made unique by Maribyrnong River. The river passes by Footscray before it meets Port Phillip with Henry Turner Reserve and Footscray Park alongside in the area. Parklands on either side of the river provide good canoeing and ponding points to enable a delightful fishing and boating experience for the residents. You may also find yourself a pleasant weekend barbecue with barbecues, picnic tables and shelters available on the parklands.

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