Carlton is a place full of vitality and dynamics with a swirl of Italian cultural heritage. Having the University of Melbourne so close by, Carlton is definitely the perfect place for students to find homes. More than that, it is also ideal for mature independents and young families who would love the enviable city-side location and appreciate inner city lifestyle.

Carlton has got a complexity of architectural heritage as well as cultural atmosphere. You may find classic Victorian terraced townhouses, the impressive masterpiece of heritage - Melbourne Exhibition Building and modern apartment complex all around you.


Well known as Little Italy, Lygon Street is the Italian heart and business card of this suburb. Its pounding and heart beating livelihood relies on its vibrant mix of restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques and the time honoring family-owned shops. If you would like a sweet treat, then the reputable Brunetti is where you find a paradise for sweet teeth. A movie night at the Nova sounds great if you are a fan of the latest independent movies

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