Brunswick East

Brunswick East

Bordered by Lygon Street and neighbouring the well-known Merri Creek adjoining Northcote, Brunswick East is a vibrant inner suburb 6 km north from the Melbourne CBD.


Brunswick East has a high proportion of flats, units, apartments and townhouses. With its relatively high percentage of rental households, the area is also one of the hotspots for tenants. This suburb also presents a high proportion of professionals work.


At the southern end of the Brunswick East strip of Lygon Street, there is an increasing diversity of restaurants and cafes offering a diversity of cuisines. Meanwhile, at the northern end of the Brunswick East strip of Lygon Street is a neighbourhood strip with a mixture of community, retail and entertainment venues.


Brunswick East is well serviced by multiple tram routes, #1, #8 and #96.  The nearby Merri Creek has offered cyclists great convenience with its cycling trail along the creek. The Merri Creek itself also retains great recreational open space for the local.

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