Abbotsford is 2 km east of Melbourne's CBD, bounded by Collingwood, Richmond and Clifton Hill. It is home to Carlton and United Breweries which produces the very popular beer Victoria Bitter and Foster's Lage. Abbotsford was initially established as an industrial area. Since 2000, the area has experienced significant gentrification and urban renewal. With its proximity to the city and the majority of housing in the area being on a relatively smaller scale, now it is welcomed by and home to many single and young professionals .



Abbotsford is the ideal home for those who would like to be close to the city. You may not find sprawling family houses with large backyard. Here, space is at a premium. Instead, what you will find is neat Victorian workers cottages, some are renovated while others are more humble. If you are a fan of the trendy loft dwelling, then Abbotsford could be your next home destination as some industrial buildings have been converted into modern apartments.




Abbotsford is where city bustling meet urban serenity. On one hand it is the speeding traffic of Hoddle Street and the bustle of Victoria Street featuring its exceptional varieties of Vietnamese food. On the other hand, the cycling path through Studley Park represents the tranquil side of Abbotsford. You may also find yourself relaxing and buying fresh produce at Collingwood Children's Farm or drinking coffee at the well-known Three Bags Full cafe. It is never a bad idea to lounge under the stars at the Abbotsford Convent's outdoor cinema at a sunny night.

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