How You Save

Real estate investing is increasing at a staggering rate these days. More and more investors are learning that real estate offers great earning potential and is a way to gain equity in property, take advantage of tax benefits and make a profit from the eventual sale of the property.
Current low interest rates make now a perfect time to buy. The benefits of real estate investing are difficult to pass up, so go ahead and find your real estate investment property using Property Voucher’s system.


To provide you (either as our valuable clients or developers) a complete idea of how Property Voucher helps you save in buying a property or marketing your projects, the below two sections of step-to-step guideance are presented for your information.

BUY WITH EASE - The Steps to Take to Save & Security

Our website contains details of multiple developments across the spectrum of luxury and location. Browse through these at your leisure and you’re sure to find something that suits your taste, lifestyle and pocket.

Search by suburb profile, by available facilities, by ease of transport and any other matter of importance to you.

Compare projects, location, finishes, and prices at ease in your own home, without the inconvenience and discomfort of a time consuming search.

You will be asked to sign up with Property Voucher at this stage, to use our facilities and to start the reservation process.

Select the unit or apartment you want, with the cash rebate offered. Enter the detail on the offer page of our site and click the ‘get it now’ button.

Your offer will be processed and transmitted to the developer or master agent immediately, and one of our own friendly consultants will contact you.

DOINGS SUMS (an example)

The advantages for a buyer can be easily demonstrated:

Property….                                                      $650,000.00

Cash rebate…. say 5%                                    $32,500.00

Net price…                                                     $617,500.00

Fee…2.2% of discount  (incl GST)                      $715.00

Total cost                                                   $618,215.00

Cash rebate to you                                    $31,785.00


SELL WITH EASE - The Developer's Benefits & Security

Signing up with Property Voucher  means a developer gets immediate access to multiple online marketing outlets. Our revolutionary method is attracting attention of buyers, financial advisers, fund managers, buyer’s agents and conventional real estate agents.

Selling early off the plan sales facilitate easier funding arrangements, and security of prospects.

Our services benefit any developer at the beginning of the project, and at the end of the selling program when remaindering becomes important.

The rebates or discounts can be varied at different stages of the project, to suit your marketing objectives.

There are no extra charges by Property Vouchers to developers for our services.

The advantage for a developer is that, without any charge, we offer exposure to a wider buyer spectrum and immediacy. Once you complete your property launch detail and sign up with us, either through your master agent or directly, sales start and this supports your financing package throughout the project.

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