1. Are the prices increased in order to offer cash rebates?

NO, there is absolutely no price inflation in Property Voucher.

A property is given a sole retail price by its developer when launching the market for sale. You will find that the prices of a property are exactly the same from multiple agencies and Property Voucher. 

2. What is this cash rebate all about?

You as a buyer save money by getting rebates on any purchase through Property Voucher. Unlike conventional realtors, we do not receive seller’s commission as we pass those savings to you. We are highly experienced in the Melbourne property market, and our methodology allows maximum savings to both buyers and sellers of real estate.

Basically when a developer sets to sell their project, a commission structure is given out to agents who start selling for them. What we do is that we have cut out the middleman and in return, converts these commissions into cash rebate and pass it on to our buyers. On top of that, with our proven platform we will endeavor to work for our buyers additional perks and incentives where possible.   

At the same time, the direct relationship with developer also helps reduce the sales section cost that counts for part of the property's retail price. This part of cost reduction will benefit property purchasers by cash rebates offered by Property Voucher.

3. What if I decided not to purchase?

We understand that it happens that you may have to reverse you decision. In the case you would like to cancel or make change to the voucher order prior to signing the sale contract, your change or cancellation of voucher will not be charged.

4. I can't find the property I am looking for. Can I still get cash rebates?


If you can not find the project you desire, our professional team is here to help. You just simply fill up the Contact Us form you may find on the page footer specifying your desired project and unit/lot number, then send it through to us. After that, you are done. Our professional team will react promptly to get you the voucher for your dream propeprty.

5. This must be a grimmick or a scam.


Genuine cash back, no drama. We cut out the middleman to bring you these cash rebate rewards!

Bringing a seller and a buyer together, or marketing, is an ongoing developing process.As a facilitator, it’s about knowing what each party wants and how to bring them together. To make things easier and brain-free for you, Property Voucher has developed an online platform which is unlike anything seen before,and yet it’s so simple. We work with developers to bring you the lowest possible prices and convert traditional agent commission over to you in the form of cash rebates.

6. Is it free to apply for the property voucher for cash rebates? Any service fee occured?

Yes, there will be a small amount of administration fee applicable for each successful property transaction through Property Voucher.

Our fee to you, the buyer, is a very modest 2.2% of the amount of the rebate or discount, nothing else.

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